The Mobile Homeboys

Across three decades now, the Mobile Homeboys have been making good times happen with a uniquely satisfying blend of American roots music, ace musicianship, and an energetic, crowd-pleasing approach to performance. The six-man outfit draws on the rich American history of country, bluegrass, blues, rock’n’roll, and traditional music, and deftly conjures up a world of dark hollows and mystery trains, of honky tonk women and midnight riders, of jugs of moonshine and bowls of jambalaya. Wielding such tools of their trade as banjo, mandolin, acoustic guitar, and occasional washboard–along with some frequently tuneful 5-part harmony—the Mobile Homeboys happily ramble through the thickets of Americana sounds, in search of the spot where “Cripple Creek” runs into “Whiskey River,” and looking for the dusty road that leads out of “Lodi’ and straight to “Sweet Home Alabama.” They’ve been doing what they do long enough to raise up a pretty impressive crop of original tunes too, and, when the mood feels right, they can serve piping hot the tasty likes of “Sweetheart Rodeo,” “Pale Moonshine,” and “American Dirt.”

The Mobile Homeboys enjoy nothing more than leaving their audiences seriously entertained, and through the years they’ve been able to put grins on the faces of some fairly diverse folk: the Homeboys are quite possibly the only band in the world to have earned encores playing at private parties of Silicon Valley moguls, the San Francisco 49ers football team, and the inmates of San Quentin prison. ‘Course, the ‘Boys like keeping the family happy and dancing too, and have helped the good times roll at everything from school fundraisers to wedding anniversaries. The Mobile Homeboys regularly kick up a whole lot of fun as the headliners of the annual Montecito Bluegrass Festival.

The Mobile Homeboys can sound good around a campfire, or up on a big ol’ bandstand. They’re equally comfortable playing for a few or for a crowd. They can play sweet and purty. They can play down and dirty. They really just want to keep playing any chance they git.