The Mobile Homeboys pride themselves on being a highly shrinkable or expandable outfit. If space, acoustics, and power supply permits, the band performs as a fully amplified group with full drum set and backline. The band can adjust to any space or logistical limitations, and in smaller settings would bring the following gear to a venue:

3 acoustic guitars
1 banjo
1 mandolin
1 acoustic bass (guitar size)
1 snare drum and stand
1 bass drum pedal and hatbox bass drum (snare packs into hatbox)
1 small case of percussion instruments (tambourine, shakers,etc)

In smaller settings, we can play as a fully acoustic group with the above. If power is available and transportation possible, we could bring the following for more substantial performances:

1 12 channel mixing board (laptop size)
4 microphones (could be less)
4 microphone stands (could be less)
1 small bin of power/instrument/mike cables
1 small bin of miscellaneous music gear
2 mid-size PA speakers (speaker stands optional)